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at Number One Gym, Flintshire

If you decide to try out one of our classes you will be taken though a pre-planned and progressive session by one of our qualified coaches.  The coached session structure enables ALL ages, levels and abilities to attend and, most importantly, progress at their individual pace.

Our coaches are very experienced and will always try to help you progress in the most efficient way.  During each session they will try to give you information on techniques to improve you flexibility, mobility and strength whilst trying their best to answer any questions you may have!

During the timetables classes you will be coached through:

Warm Up – this will be specific to the session and will include muscle activation, joint mobility, stretching and a range of movement patterns.

Main session – the content of this section of each class will depend on the class you are in! You can find more out about our different sessions below.

This is the sister session to ‘Rapid Fire’.  The workouts are commonly based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  However, these sessions have also been known to become more of a hybrid and including hard work with short rest periods in addition to exercises requiring more control and strength over endurance.

Good for: Fat burning, strength endurance, strength power and speed.

This is all about work rate and attitude! These sessions are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), where short bouts of rest are mixed with hard work! As with all of our sessions, no two will ever be the same, but all will be equally tough! The majority of exercises are based on bodyweight movements with different levels to help you find what works for you.

Good for: Fat burning, increasing endurance (VO2) and muscle tone and strength endurance.

The facility has a large focus on community inclusion so this session is aimed at families. The idea is….ALL ages are invited, we want to see children and parents, brothers, sisters, and friends all exercising together! The session could be anything from dodgeball to climbing ropes and scaling the monkey bars.

Good for: Everyone!! Families and friends who don’t like competitive sport, families and friends who love competitive sport!!

Female only!  This session is based on 2 facts:

    1. Strength training alone, or in combination with high intensity conditioning, is the most effective and time efficient way to increase metabolism, burn fat and promote general health and athleticism.


  1. Women do not get big and bulky by lifting heavy weights once twice or even three times a week!!

Good for: Fat burning, strength, posture and… Girls who want to train properly without lads getting in the way!!

Strength And Speed – We know that strength is the foundation to many physical components like speed, power, balance and coordination.  But not many people know that increases in base strength have positive influences on endurance events like marathons and triathlons, so this session really is for EVERYONE! The session will be structured to traditionally feature at least one main lift (i.e. squat, bench press, deadlift, clean, snatch…) but can also involve anything from sled pulls to tyre flips and rope slams to handstands.  Every exercise has a progression and regression and you will be coached throughout to progress and find your level, it’s not about competing with others!  Every session will be different from the last but everyone who attends gets a personalised ‘lift log’ to track progression over time.

Good for: Increasing strength, power and speed, fat burning, posture and injury rehabilitation.

This is about being the best you can be!!  As a gym we want you to get the most from your training, to do this it’s important to have some concept of your limits!  By understanding what you are capable of it is much easier to push your limits in each session – turning goals and targets into warm ups!

During the session you will be supported and coached to attain a maximum (load) lift for 1-3 repetitions for a compound exercise (e.g. deadlifts, squats, presses, pulls, olympic lifts).  The lifts are scheduled and rotated so that if you want to focus on a specific lift/movement (i.e. squat) then you are able to attend two PB Night’s separated by a 4 week period and test the same movement pattern.  This allows you to train to improve that specific lift/movement over the 4 week period.

Good for: Assessing your limits!!

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any gym! This session will be a compilation of swings, squats, pushes, pulls and everything in-between.  A coach will guide you through specific movement patterns and correct form, all you have to do is pick a kettlebell – we have anything from 6kg to 32kg!!

Good for: Fat burning, Strength, Explosive Movements, Trunk Strength.

As a gym we are really proud to support a lot of local, regional, national and international athletes! However, we treat everyone that walks through our door as an athlete.  So this time is set aside for anyone that wants some help with their training.  This can be anything from looking at squat technique, organising your training/work/school/social balance or nutrition advice.

All you need to do is drop in and grab one of the coaches on hand!

Good for: Individual progression & Knowledge bombs!

A fun mixture of gymnastics stills, strength, flexibility and mobility!! This 90 min session aims to help you with bodyweight strength through progressions on the gymnastic rings, handstands, core work and mobility drills!

This is completely different from ‘traditional’ gym based training sessions and defiantly worth trying!!

Good for: Callisthenics, body weight / core strength and flexibility!

Learn how to hit hard with this session designed and led by coach Nick!!

Incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength & mobility mixed in with High Intensity Interval Training. Punch and move your way to become fitter, leaner & stronger by learning all the fundamentals such as your stance, jab, cross & punching combos. A cardio boxing battle that’s no holds barred.

Nick has learnt from and worked with some of the very best coaches and athletes in the Boxing and MMA world so has put together this new session specifically for Number One!!

Good for: Burning fat, getting the basics of boxing and getting a sweat on!

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