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at Number One Gym, North Wales

First and foremost, Number One Health Strength Performance CIC aims to provide each and every individual with what they need to reach their individual goal! This means we don’t follow fitness fads or trends – we do what has been proven to get results! Our facility and equipment follows this philosophy! We have a wide range of equipment to support your training – whether you’re trying to build muscle, jump higher, run faster, reduce fat, or generally increase your physical capacity.

We want results!  Its easy to see individual progression if you can lift heavier or do more reps, but if you have a more specific goal like wanting to become more explosive then sometimes it is harder to see if your training is working.  To help you we have equipment to measure how high you can jump, how quickly you can move with a load (Squat, deadlift, bench press, kettlebell swing and more), as well as coaches trained to accurately assess body fat percentage.

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